The post season survey

   sigafoo   - 4/25/2019
Howdy gamers,

We have the postseason survey ready to go. We're looking to get as much feedback from our active player base as possible.

Take the survey

Comment questions

How long will it take to complete?
- Estimated completion time is 30-60 minutes depending on how much time you spend answering the long form questions.

Do I have to do it all in one sitting??
- NO the survey answers are saved any time you click on "next section" or "back." So you can easily revisit it and complete it later or revise your old answers.

When is it due?
- Surveys must be completed in full, by May 10th.

How many players on my team must complete the survey for us to be eligible for the bounty system?
- At least 6 players from a team have to complete it to be eligible.

Can I take the survey even if my team is ineligible?
- Absolutely.

How will the keys be paid out?
- We will pay out the keys to the owner/leader of the team in full and they will be able to distribute them to you.

How will I know if an admin approved my survey?
- You will get an RGL notification about it and you will no longer be able to edit your survey.

How can I tell if my teammates have taken it / been approved?
- Go here :

Will you release the results?
- Yes, we plan to release an infographic of some sort with the information that we learn from the survey.

Other question?
Contact us on our discord to ask them.