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MM Sixes #1

Week 3 - Process

Match Date
03/26/2019 09:00 PM EDT
Default Date
03/26/2019 09:00 PM EDT
Latest Reschedule Date
03/31/2019 12:59 AM EDT

Home 2.00
Away 0.00

Match Comms


sigafoo Admin
 03/23/2019 11:41 PM EDT
This is Week 3. We're halfway through the regular season! The map this week is cp_process_final and the config you will be using is "rgl_mm_5cp.cfg".

This will be played the first team to 3 round wins, no half time. Big Duck Plays decides which side to play on.

Match servers will be provided to you, either through discord or through the website.
If you need help setting up a server, check out this guide:

Crasian - Big Duck Plays
 03/24/2019 09:54 AM EDT
Welp, see you next week

Crasian Auto Generated - Big Duck Plays
 03/27/2019 06:56 AM EDT
Match score submitted. Final score
Big Duck Plays: 3.0

Crasian - Big Duck Plays
 03/27/2019 06:56 AM EDT
I went ahead and submitted scores after seeing the request to submit. If there's any changes that need to be made, please feel free to make them. See you next week!