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MM Sixes #1

Grand Finals

Match Date
04/24/2019 09:00 PM EDT
Default Date
04/24/2019 09:00 PM EDT
Latest Reschedule Date
04/29/2019 12:59 AM EDT

Away 2.50

Match Comms


sigafoo Admin
 04/21/2019 07:21 PM EDT
Leaders will take turns choosing one option from the below. Until all three have been decided.
- Option 1: Which of the two payload maps will be played (upward or borneo)
- Option 2: Which of the two 5cp maps will be played (gullywash or process)
- Option 3: Will 5cp be the 1st map or 3rd map, koth will be the opposite of that choice.

Cat chooses, then froyo, then cat again.

Daffodil - Cat Noises DYNASTY
 04/21/2019 11:30 PM EDT
We choose pl_upward as the payload map

b4nny - froyotech
 04/23/2019 03:05 AM EDT

Daffodil - Cat Noises DYNASTY
 04/23/2019 05:20 PM EDT
Viaduct first

sigafoo Admin
 04/24/2019 08:18 PM EDT
for the playoffs, no one else is allowed to stream their POV, but we will host a player from the winning teams channel after the match.

Viaduct = Bo5
Upward = Bo3
Gully = Bo5

Froyo choose sides for Viaduct,

Cat noises choose side for Upward
If upward goes to a golden cap, Froyo get to choose the side for the third round

Cat noises choose side for gully