Help with RGL / FAQ for how it works

   sigafoo   - 2/28/2019
Here we will try to list all the common questions we've been asked by players who are new to RGL or TF2 Comp in General.

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When does the league start?

It was scheduled to start on March 5th, but we are delaying one week. Meaning the registration date has been extended to Friday, March 8th. And the first matches will happen on Tuesday, March 12th.

We are delaying the league due to the sheer size. We've had so much interest that it's taking us a little longer to parse through teams and get them into their proper divisions. We also had to expand our Admin team to handle this. We expect to have divisions finalized on March 9th and first matches posted on the website then.

How do I find a team?

Finding a team is not hard, but it does require you to put in a little effort.

First, you should make a post in the websites Looking For Team (LFT) section and also post in our discord #na-mm-looking-for-team.

Second, you should contact leaders of teams who need a player. You can find them listed in the Teams Looking for Players (LFP) section and also the LFP section of our discord #na-mm-teams-looking-for-players.

If you put in small amount of effort into finding a team, you will almost certainly join one.

When are matches?

Matches, for a majority of the league, will be defaulted to 9pm Eastern on Tuesdays.

Do we HAVE to play at that time?

No! If both team leaders agree, then the match can be moved to any time before or after the default date, as long as it's before the results due date. (This date is listed on the match page in the top left.)

If you're interested in moving it, then I suggest you reach out directly to the other leader (through discord or steam) and have the final decision listed in Match Comms using the "Reschedule Match" tab in the leader actions section of the match page.

Is my team required to have subs?

No! Though we HIGHLY suggest that you do. The most common problem that we see with open teams is that they do not have a backup plan if someone is missing. We've seen matches forfeited because ONE main is missing. This should not happen!!

Most of these issues stem from planning. Leaders, make sure to take check in with your team a day early to make sure everyone is still good to play in the match. Heck, check in the day of. Knowing if someone will be missing ahead of time will allow you to be able to plan accordingly and get someone new.

What servers do we play on?

We have enough servers to cover roughly 50 teams, however, our league size is already looking to be over 80 teams!

We are trying to make sure we can provide servers for all open teams, however, we will not be able to provide servers for all teams in the league.

There 5 free, and 25 premium ($5 for 3 months) servers that can be rented from

You can also rent your own server for only around $10 a month, here are a few different providers.
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I'm in Open, how will I get server info?

Server information will be passed to you by an Admin through discord.

How do I set up a server?

Setting up a server for comp is VERY easy. It can feel daunting, but truly it is literally just executing a few commands inside of the server. You can find our step by step guide: here.

Why is my team not in the ready div/group?

Teams only get put into the ready group once they have 6 players or more on the roster. Those players have been reviewed by an admin to check for sandbagging, and at least one leader from the team is set up inside of our discord.

Where do we find practice matches/scrims?

Scrims is short for scrimmage. Which just means a practice match between two teams. To find a scrim, join our discord and leave a post or contact another leader in the #na-mm-looking-for-scrims channel.

Have more questions? Something not answered here?

Let us know! We have a very friendly and fast responding Admin team. Join our discord and leave a message in our #help channel. You should get a response back (usually within minutes) and at worst later that day.