Season Breakdown / Rules

   sigafoo   - 3/10/2019
Welcome to the pilot Season of No Restriction Sixes. We wanted to go into detail about what to expect this season and answer some questions around the bounty system.

What maps are we playing?

The maps have been listed inside of the matches page for a little while, but we wanted to give some more detail.

I'm only going to list off dates for Newbie / Open / Div-(1-3) divisions.

  • Week 1 - March 12th - cp_gullywash_final1
  • Week 2 - March 19th - pl_upward
  • Week 3 - March 26th - cp_process_final
  • Week 4 - April 2nd - koth_viaduct
  • Week 5 - April 9th - cp_snakewater_final1
  • Semi-Finals - April 16th - BO3 (1 5cp, 1 PL, 1 Koth)
  • Grand Finals - April 23rd - BO3 (1 5cp, 1 PL, 1 Koth)

As you can see we are using only Valve Official maps for this cup.

Did registration end? Can I still add players to my roster?

New team registration ended on March 8th. However, you can still add players to your existing teams. Players can join existing teams until April 3rd.

What is the match times?

The match times have been listed inside of the registration page.

The Default date for Newbie/Open/Div-(1-3): Tuesday 9pm Eastern
The default date for Invite: Wednesday 9pm Eastern

The time set for the match is the default date. Meaning teams are not required to play at that time. If both team leaders agree, the match can be moved to any time before or after the default date, as long as it's before the match results due date. The result due date should be Sunday night of that week.

For example, you could move your match to Sunday night, you could move it to Monday night, you could move to be two hours later.

What servers do we play on?

RGL owns 22 servers and we will have just enough to cover the Open division. Which will have around 20 matches each week. To put it simply: if you play in open, a match server will be provided to you.

For Div-1/Div-2/Div-3, teams will need to locate their own servers. It's the responsibility of the home team to locate a server.

If a team does not play on a Tuesday night, we will almost certainly be able to provide them a server regardless of division.

Here are some options for servers outside of RGL owned ones is a free tf2 server rental place, with server locations around the world.

There 5 free, and 25 premium ($5 for 3 months) servers that can be rented from

You can also rent your own server for only around $10 a month, here are a few different providers.
Ping perfect

How do subs/ringers work?

A substitute (sub) is a player who is already on the team roster. They do not need to be approved by the other team**.

**The exception is if the player on the team roster was registered in the last 18 hours. Then they'll be listed as "new." "New" players are considered ringers.

Ringer is a player who is going to play in a match, but is not officially with the team.

- The first ringer cannot be denied unless they are clearly above the skill level of the team. If a team leader believes this, they should contact an admin.
- The 2nd and 3rd ringer must be approved by the other team**

** If the 2nd/3rd ringers are very clearly at or below the skill level of the team. Admins may override this.

If a team is consistently trying to get ringers who are above the skill level of the team. They may be issued penalties and in extreme cases, kicked out of the league.

How are teams ranked?

Teams are ranked first by their league points. Each match a team can win up to 3 points. If the losing team wins even 1 round, they will gain a small amount of points.

So it's in the best interest for the winning team to shutout the losing team. And it's in the best interest of the losing team, even if they don't think they can win the game, to try hard for even one round win. As most playoffs decisions come down to only 1 point difference or less.

Does no restrictions really mean none?

There will be a whitelist used, that can be found here.

The only restrictions in it are with some cosmetics and some taunts.

There are no graphical restrictions like you find in the Valve MatchMaking system.

Does everyone have to record a demo on my team?

Yes for every match, everyone on your team needs to record their POV through a demo. This can be done through two simple commands in tf2.

Before the game starts:
record [filename]

After the game is done

To see a more full explanation watch the start of this video.

How do I qualify to win keys through the bounty system?

1. No forfeits or throwing of games

Forfeiting is pretty straight forward. If you forfeited a game, for any reason, you are no longer eligible. Throwing is a little harder to describe but can be basically explained as "not trying." Throwing is basically the same as a forfeit, a waste of time for everyone involved.

2. Majority of your games must be in a non-traditional sixes lineup for a majority of the games

This means that at least 3 of your 5 games in the regular season.

What does a traditional sixes line up mean? 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo and 1 medic.

- If you played 3 scouts, 1 soldier, 1 demo, 1 medic. You'd be good.
- If you played 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 0 demo, 2 medics. You'd be good.
- If you played 3 heavies, 3 medics. You'd be good.

You can play the traditional line up in-game, it just cannot be for the majority of the game. We want to help inspire teams to do something different.

2a. Playoff game bonus

If you make it into the upper playoffs in your division, your team can win an extra 6 keys in the semi-finals if you follow the rules above and play a non-traditional sixes lineup.

If your team WINS your division and it used a non-traditional lineup, you can win 6 more keys.

So in total, one team could win up to 18 keys. This is provided that the team follows all of the rules listed here.

3. No member on the team breaks a RGL Rule

If you keep good spirit with the other team. If you only use subs that are of the skill level of your team/division. If you are helpful/respectful to admins. Then you pretty much don't need to worry about this.

Here's some, but not all, examples of things that you shouldn't do.
- Spam Binds
- Insult the other team
- Use a slur
- Purposefully do not capture points to delay out the game
- Bring in a ringer without approval
- Bring in a ringer/sub who's clearly too good for that division/team
- Using too many players from outside the NA region

4. At least 6 players from your team, need to fill out the end of season survey

After the season is over, within a week a survey option will be available for players who took part in this league. At least six players from your team will need to have completed the feedback survey by April 26th.

Again, we're only counting entries where players filled it out earnestly. If you just randomly spammed answers, we will not count it. We're looking for earnest feedback that we can actually use.

Eligiblity paraphrased

- Play all matches earnestly
- A majority of games need to not use the traditional sixes linup
- Be respectful to others and follow the RGL rules

Invite Only - Cash Payouts

Some basic rules for the cash payouts in the Invite division.

- At least 6 players from the team did the post-season survey
- The team had no forfeits and no throws
- Teams that take on penalties during the season will have a % of the cash removed.