Mid season league changes and playoff details

   sigafoo   - 3/29/2019

The speed of No Restriction Sixes

Many of you have seen our original infographic from the first week. Where we looked at the average round times from our league to a comparable league on the same map.

On average, No Restriction Sixes was about 26% shorter in round length, than Restrictive Sixes.

Rounds being so short is a bad thing in our current structure. Even if we copied ESEA or UGC to play to five rounds, most games would still take under 30 minutes. That's not fun.

I dove into the numbers again for the third week, and this is what I found: Week 3 Infographic.

Process is a bit slower map in general and you can see that with the round times going up in both formats. Still, you can see that, again, the round times for No Restriction Sixes are still too fast. The average match length on process was 15 minutes, it's just not acceptable.

We need to make some sort of change to deal with this issue.

Change for Week 5 - snakewater is out

Week 5 was originally going to be Snakewater, but given the issues from above and the success from running Upward previously in the season. We are going to include a second Payload map in this season. So we week 5 will now be Borneo, not Snakewater.

We've done play testing with this in our PUGs and it has played well. The last point which many have complained about in Highlander, I believe is more of a format issue than a map issue. Having 9 players with a lot of room to kite pushes, makes it difficult to fully overtake last. However, with only six players, it makes it much more difficult to sustain a long defense against good pushes.

Playoffs structure

We also don't want to let players stick to their comfort zones with sixes in playoffs. We want to see the best players in their divisions showing they've mastered all of the different map types.

Playoffs for Placement divs and Invite

For Div-3 and above, every playoff match will be a Best of three map series.

The Bo3 series will be: (koth/5cp) - Payload - (koth/5cp)

Here are the options players can pick:
- Which of the two payload maps will be played
- Which of the two 5cp maps will be played
- Will 5cp be the 1st map or 3rd map, koth will be the opposite of that choice.

e.g. Example 1

Home Team - Chooses to have Koth be the first map
Away Team - Decides to play Borneo for payload
Home Team - Chooses that 5cp (now the 3rd map) will be Gullywash

End Result: Viaduct - Borneo - Gullywash

e.g. Example 2

Home Team - Decides to have Upward for the payload map
Away Team - Chooses 5cp to be the first map type
Home Team - Chooses Process to be the 5cp map

End Result: Process - Upward - Viaduct

Playoffs for Open/Newbie Divisions

For open, all matches will be played on one map. Teams will start with the 5 maps and ban them until there are two left. Then the home team will pick one of the last two maps to play.

Away - Ban Map
Home - Ban Map
Away - Ban Map
Home - Pick

Due to the issues from above with 5cp maps. We will increase the length of the 5cp playoff games for open to be a Bo7.

Where can I watch this?

You can catch existing VOD's from matches over on our youtube channel @ youtube.com/c/RGLgg.

Can catch the live action over on our twitch @ twitch.tv/RGLgg