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NR Sixes S1 Week 5 - Borneo

Match Date
04/09/2019 09:00 PM EDT
Default Date
04/09/2019 09:00 PM EDT
Latest Reschedule Date
04/15/2019 12:59 AM EDT

Home 0.00
Away 3.00

Match Comms


wildebeest Auto Generated - cats are epic
 04/09/2019 10:01 PM EDT
Match score submitted. Final score
cats are epic: 1.0
Hard Gentlemen:2.0

wildebeest - cats are epic
 04/09/2019 10:02 PM EDT
we lost a player and forfeit after winning the first half

Ge-Ge - Hard Gentlemen
 04/09/2019 10:03 PM EDT

wildebeest - cats are epic
 04/09/2019 10:03 PM EDT

wildebeest - cats are epic
 04/09/2019 10:03 PM EDT
oops my page didn't update

Ge-Ge - Hard Gentlemen
 04/09/2019 10:04 PM EDT
i dont think you guys won the first half, no one capped anything, but yeah sorry for the dc

wildebeest - cats are epic
 04/09/2019 10:05 PM EDT
all good, we won the first half because we technically held longer than you did

Yotts Admin
 04/09/2019 10:25 PM EDT
So there is some confusion here so this will clarify it.
Round one is a wash.
Round two: Cats are epic win one point for winning the round
After this it is a forfeit, so Hard Gentlemen get the remaining points up for grabs, which in this case is 2

sigafoo Admin
 04/10/2019 08:11 PM EDT
Score adjusted, we incorrectly thought Cats won the second round, but Hard Gentlemen did. Full points go in the favor of Hard Gentlemen.