Highlander Season 6 registration is now live here.

There will be an article detailing season details in the coming week.

Verfication FAQ

What does being verified mean?

Being verified means you're a known player and locked into your alias. Most verified players are long time and/or top level players.

How can I be verified?

Currently users can only be verified by admins and we're only verifying players on top level (Invite) teams .

Can multiple players have the same name who are verified?

No, that's the significance of being Verified. No other player can have your name and be verified once you claim it.

I'm verified, can I change my name?

No, players once verified you are locked in*. Like other top levels of e-sports, players aren't changing their names every other week. With this program, we're creating consistency and making the scene easier to follow to players not actively in the scene.

*On very rare occasion we've made exceptions.